2018 Call for Committees

The 2018 Call for Committees is open now closed. Thank you!

To accomplish BRR’s Mission, we rely on the experience and expertise of volunteer members, who serve on our various committees, advisory groups, and subsidiary boards. In doing so, members help us plan programs, events, and outreach activities, based on what’s happening in the market today. Learn more about BRR’s various committees and the volunteer leaders who serve on each:

BRR Committees are filled by applicants for one-year terms, although some positions may have multi-year terms. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer leadership or have questions, please contact BRR’s Director of Events and Community Engagement, Shari Fernandez.

Get involved, build relationships, and make an impact!

Volunteering doesn’t just benefit BRR – it’s hopefully beneficial to our member volunteers, too. If you didn’t have a chance to attend the September Fuel Your Business Luncheon, here’s the recap:  Keri Davidson with The Idaho Nonprofit Center, Allison Dunn of Action Coach Business Coaching, and Carey Farmer, BRR’s 2016 President, shared their insights into how volunteerism can benefit your business:

  1. Volunteering for a cause or organization you are passionate about helps to connect you with like-minded people to build friendships and personal connections.
  2. Volunteering with, and leading groups, will give you leadership insights you can bring to your business. You will learn from others, seeing how they lead and serve, taking their best practices (or avoiding bad practices!) when you step up to lead.
  3. Don’t volunteer to get business – rather, by getting involved and being authentic – you’ll earn business. People will get to know you, and want to do business with you.
  4. You can connect your clients with volunteer opportunities, especially your out-of-state clients who are looking for ways to engage with their new community.
  5. Not all volunteer opportunities require a lot of time, or long-term service. Many opportunities, like Rake Up Boise, take just one day or a few hours. Find a volunteering mix that works for you based on your schedule. And, you don’t have to do everything your chosen group offers – pick those where you can have the most impact.

And finally…

  1. Once you’re involved with a group or organization, encourage others to participate! Sometimes, asking is all someone needs to get started. Help identify future leaders in current volunteers!

Looking for a place to volunteer? BRR offers a wide variety of opportunities and is a fantastic place to get your feet wet as a volunteer. Work alongside your peers and make an impact on your industry, and your business! The BRR Call for Committees is open now! Learn more about the different committees and submit an application at boirealtors.com/committees.


L to R: Carey Farmer, BRR 2016 President; Allison Dunn of Action Coach Business Coaching; and Keri Davidson with the Idaho Nonprofit Center. BRR Fuel Your Business Luncheon Panelists. Sept. 2016