Stay Professional When Prospecting

Telemarketing Best Practices and LawsWhen inventory is tight, agents rightfully look for new listings through a variety of prospecting tactics, including reaching out to property owners of unlisted homes to see if they’re interested in selling.

Unfortunately, I recently received a call from an angry homeowner who said he was being inundated with phone calls from agents asking him to list his property. It did not sound like he had a recently expired or canceled listing, but just happened to own a home in a popular neighborhood. Based on what the homeowner shared with me, each time he told the agent who called that he was not interested, but they persisted and pushed for an appointment anyway. The homeowner also said he is on the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry.

While everyone reacts differently to solicitations, it’s important to be respectful when prospecting and always adhere to applicable laws. That said, we wanted to use this opportunity to remind members about telemarketing best practices and laws:

And while we’d love to see more inventory on to the market, please always be respectful and professional in your prospecting practices.