New Members

Welcome! As a new licensee, the amount of information being thrown at you can seem overwhelming! This page was created as a resource that you can refer to as you begin your new career.

REALTOR® Application Packet

New Member Orientation Class: This is a required class for all new members to the REALTOR® family. This class explains the 3-way agreement and shows you what your membership can do to help you be successful. You have 60 days once you join BRR to take the class.

License Information: A license cycle is typically 2 years. When you first become licensed, you will have a least one full calendar year plus the number of months until your next birthday. For example, if your birthday is in March and you sign up in February, you have one month and one year before you have to renew again. Or if your birthday is in March and you sign up in May, you will have 10 months and one year before you will have to renew again. Renewal will be every two years following your initial license cycle.

Member Information and Benefits

Get involved and meet other agents: There are many activities that you can attend or be involved in that can help you to widen your network. Most require little, if any, commitment but enable you to meet others in your field. Having a network of contacts can help you to find information when you need it, assist you with transactions, or connect you to potential clients and customers. Information for all events is in your electronic weekly bulletin so make sure to stay in the loop. Young Professionals Network is member driven and has monthly events. Activities vary depending on interest levels, but include such things as lunches, tours of new developments, and socials. Make sure to like us on Facebook. Broker’s Council of Idaho is a group that meets every Tuesday morning at BRR and is comprised of small brokerages. The meetings have an educational and networking component. Membership is $50 annually.

How to Become a Real Estate Professional: There are numerous educational opportunities available to licensees. To become a real estate professional, it is important to take courses that provide true value to your business. Courses that increase your knowledge of the industry, provide insight into client management, or enable you to do your job better are courses that will ultimately lead you to greater success.

Things to be aware of: REALTORS® have a unique profession that can sometimes put them in compromising situations. You are meeting total strangers and taking them to private residences.  The biggest thing is to be aware — of your surroundings, of your clients, of your behavior. A little common sense and a few precautions can go a long way. Here are a few resources you can download with tips that can keep you safe!