Interview with Kit Fitzgerald, 2019 RPAC Hall of Fame Inductee

Kit Fitzgerald, Equity Northwest RealtyOn May 15, 2019, Kit Fitzgerald was inducted into the RPAC Hall of Fame for contributing over $25,000 to RPAC in her lifetime. For over 50 years, RPAC has continued to grow and support the real estate industry through local, state, and national legislation and advocacy, none of which would be possible without the support of REALTORS® like Kit.

In honor of her achievement, we decided to interview Kit and ask her a few questions about what RPAC means to her and how she became a Major Investor.

Q: Congratulations on being inducted into the RPAC Hall of Fame. This is a big deal! How do you feel about this recent recognition of your commitment and investments into RPAC?

A: I think its very kind of NAR to recognize this level of commitment. I would gladly give without the recognition as I believe so strongly in working to defend our REALTOR® Party Issues. 

 Q: Well, your passion and dedication to RPAC is definitely worth recognizing. I mean, $25,000 is a lot of money! Why are you so committed to RPAC and its success?

A: We are the only organization in this country fighting for homeownership. Its the foundation of our economy, our citizens, and the American Dream that so many people desire. RPAC and the REALTOR® Party ensures that we have protection for private property rights, flood insurance, no taxes on services, access to financing for our consumers, and so much more. I firmly believe that investing in RPAC is a protection of not only my business and livelihood, but also ensures that Americans have an opportunity to build wealth via equity, have safe neighborhoods, stronger schools and a place to make memories. So many other countries in this world do not have the same opportunities as we do, and REALTORS® are the people who ensure we do.

 Q: Well said! You obviously know a lot about RPAC and its impact on homeownership rights. But that wasn’t always the case, right? How did you become a REALTOR® and how did that lead to you becoming a committed investor in RPAC?

A: I became a REALTOR® after building a home in Meridian in 2002. I’d just moved here from Washington, DC, became quite close with the onsite sales team and was lucky enough for them to offer me an opportunity to sell homes. As for my investment, Id given small amounts to RPAC via dues, but it wasnt until I became involved in the volunteer world of our association for me to learn the extent of what the organization does to protect our business and homeowners everywhere. I was approached by fellow REALTOR®, Jim Johnston from Pocatello, to truly look at what my investment in RPAC means for REALTORS®, and once I learned more, I was all in. 

 Q: Thanks to your “all-in” attitude, many BRR members have stepped up their commitment to RPAC and become Major Investors, largely because of YOUR influence and example. Why do you go out of your way to encourage other REALTORS® to invest into RPAC?

A: For many of the reasons Ive previously stated, Ive encouraged my fellow colleagues to step up their investment. For my friends that have very successful businesses, they have so much to lose if we dont protect homeownership. I also believe that many of our fellow REALTORS® just dont know enough about RPAC to understand the impact of their contributions. I didnt, and it wasnt until I was educated that I understood the needs of grassroots education for our government and the importance of electing or keeping folks in office that support homeownership and private property rights. I truly believe that being educated by a peer, especially who is successful in our industry, helps any active REALTOR® feel more inclined to participate at a higher level.

 Q: Peer-education is a great tool to get others involved! But what do you tell people who say they don’t invest into RPAC because they didn’t like a specific candidate or issue that their association made?

A: RPAC and the REALTOR® Party are not about a candidate or issue. They exist to ensure that REALTOR® issues, important to homeownership and our business are protected. No one in the country is ever going to agree 100% of the time with a politicians votes, or with every single issue impacting our world. However, when it comes to making sure our clients can close on a home that requires flood insurance, a first time homebuyer has access to financing, extra taxes arent passed on to our consumers and so much more, its pretty hard to tell me that you cant get on board to support the industry that keeps food on your table. We are the REALTOR® Party, not any other party.

 Q: One last question: Is there any other piece of advice you have for your fellow REALTORS®?

A: Contribute. Even small contributions are incredibly important. We all go through challenges, but without protecting our industry, the very business in which you make a living can be swept away in a heartbeat. Each of us can make an investment in our industry. Were protecting, ourselves, our families and our economy. Even if its just $30-$50 in a year, every dollar is incredibly important. It doesnt seem like much, to ensure we have a future.


To learn more about RPAC, visit or contact Director of Government Affairs, Soren Dorius.