HouseCheck’s Annual Gala

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HouseCheck Foundation's Annual Gala is Nov. 1!

HouseCheck’s Annual Boise Gala Benefiting Victims of Domestic Abuse
Set for November 1.

Domestic Abuse is a complex subject that is often overlooked in modern society because many victims don’t – or can’t – reveal the problem to others, usually out of fear of reprisal.

The insidious “secretive’ nature of domestic abuse makes it difficult to gather accurate statistics, but the Family Violence Prevention Fund estimates that between 1.5 million and 3.9 million women are physically abused every year in the U.S. alone. In the last National Census, Domestic Violence Services reported that 67,646 victims were served by various domestic violence programs in the U.S. in a single day.

Domestic abuse impacts men, women, and children of all ages, income levels, and educational backgrounds. In addition to physical abuse, these individuals often suffer from various forms of emotional trauma, including depression, anxiety, and social isolation. Abusers routinely see to it that their targets have very limited resources at their disposal, prompting those affected to feel trapped within the abusive environment with no hope of finding a way out.

HouseCheck is committed to helping.

In 2016, a Boise-based start-up company called HouseCheck established a non-profit foundation to help eliminate domestic abuse.

The HouseCheck Corporation is a national home inspection, data, and real estate technology company whose philosophy is to protect the value, health, and safety of the home and those within it. This philosophy led the founder of HouseCheck Corporation to establish the HouseCheck Foundation as a social service agency partner within local communities to help stop the cycle of domestic abuse.

The foundation’s mission, using a grassroots approach, is to develop a collaborative and robust integrated system of protective and preventive services that assist all individuals affected by abuse within the household. To accomplish this, the HouseCheck Foundation raises and grants funds for local groups and organizations that have a proven track record of helping individuals and families impacted by domestic abuse.

Boise fundraising gala on November 1, 2019.

The HouseCheck Foundation’s Boise Chapter will host its annual gala on November 1, 2019, at the Galaxy Events Center in Meridian, Idaho.  Festivities will include speakers, live and silent auctions, testimonies from those who have escaped the trap of domestic abuse, a delightful dinner, and much more.

For information on the HouseCheck Foundation, or on the HouseCheck Foundation Gala on November 1 (including opportunities for attendance, sponsorship, or donation of items to be auctioned), visit