Honor Society

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Apply now for the 2018 BRR Honor Society!

Submit your completed application to awards@boirealtors.com by Friday, January 25, 2019, at 5:00 p.m.
Late or incomplete applications received after this date will not be processed.

Boise Regional REALTORS® recognizes members who are active in the community, in local, state and national association leadership, invest in RPAC, hold designations, attend REALTOR® conferences, classes, and events, and more. Points are available for a variety of activities, and those who earn at least 100 points are eligible!

BRR members inducted into the Honor Society for a total of 10 years become Lifetime Honor Society Members. All Honor Society members are recognized at the annual  REALTOR® Awards Gala. You must apply for this distinction. Lifetime Honor Society Members need not reapply annually.


2017 and Lifetime BRR Honor Society Members  

Elizabeth Allan-Hodge* Carey Farmer* Darlene Manning**
Amanda Alvaro* Nancy Fields** Heidi McBean*
Michelle Bailey Kit Fitzgerald* Ron Minegar*
Cherie Barton* Dan Frison** Dyanne Nichols-Bermensolo*
Jan Bergesen* Mike Gamblin* Connie Brown Olson*
Ron Bishop* Barb Gestrin* Roger Patterson*
Darlene Blakeslee* Christian Hansen* Jim Paulson*
John Blakeslee* Gail Hartnett* JoAnn Rice**
Patti Bowman* Kristin Hicks Jim Ripley**
Barbara Burnell** Shirley Hicks* Pierce Roan**
Bonnie Burry* Lee A. Hill* Margaret Robnett*
Maurice Clifton* Dale Hoyd* Jacqueline Rose*
Anita Corbett* Michael F. Hummel* Katie Rosenberg*
Barb Crowell* Elizabeth Hume Gary Salisbury
Scott Crum* Edenn Jablonski Ann Samuelsen*
Danielle Cullip Doris Jenkins* Sharon Schindler*
Barbara Dawson* Steve Jensen* Gene Strate*
Krista Deacon Irene Johnston* Via Surmelis*
Julie DeLorenzo* Robert Jones** Scott M. Swan*
Michele de Reus-Vevig Dave Kallas* Shaun Tracy*
Sharon Domeny** Louise Kelly* Teresa Uberuaga*
Ann Edmark-Reed* John Knipe* Susan Weaver
Andy Enrico* Shirley Koch Katrina Wehr
Linda Enrico* Helen Law* Greg Winther
Becky Enrico Crum* John Lindbloom* Dan Wycherly**
Garrett Longstreet*
* Lifetime Status ** Past Member; Lifetime Status


Email info@boirealtors.com with questions.