First Friday Legal Forum

First Friday Legal Forum

The purpose of the First Friday Legal Forum is to facilitate connections and conversations between Designated REALTORS® and Managing Brokers on issues such as risk management, agency/representation, agent-to-agent communication, dispute resolution, professionalism, laws and policies, as well as local market practices, brokerage management, oversight, and agent support… or whatever other topics are brought up, time permitting.

Sessions will often have a pre-planned topic, but not necessarily pre-planned content or presentations. These will be open discussions providing Designated REALTORS® and Managing Brokers the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other, while building relationships within our brokerage community. Learn more

Please note: The First Friday Legal Forum is only open to designated and managing brokers, not agents or representatives on behalf of the broker, to allow open discussion amongst peers. 

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