Education FAQs


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding licensing and education requirements. You can find more information on attendance, cancelations, refunds, etc., in our Education Policies. If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, please contact the BRR Director of Membership & Education, Angela Gibson.


Who do I renew my license with?

The Idaho Real Estate Commission (IREC) handles all licensing.

How do I check how many credits I have?

CE providers report your credits directly to IREC. The best way to check your credits is to look up your education records with IREC. BRR has no way to keep track of CE you earn with other providers.

What classes am I required to take?

First-time renewal/First licensure cycle

  • Two different years of the IREC CORE course* (for example, 2015 & 2016, or 2016 & 2017)  BRR members can take CORE courses for FREE at BRR.
  • 8-hour mandatory Post License Fundamentals course
  • One 4-hour Post License elective

Active Status/Renewing a license

  • Two different years of the IREC CORE course* (for example, 2015 & 2016, or 2016 & 2017)  BRR members can take CORE courses for FREE at BRR.
  • 12 hours of CE, your choice

Every two years, NAR requires all REALTORS® to complete code of ethics training. The current two-year cycle ends December 31, 2018. Click here for more information on the ethics requirement.

When does my license expire?

A licensure cycle is typically 2 years in length and expires on the last day of your birth month.

Can I take Post License for credit if I’m not in my first renewal?

Yes of course! People who take this class often comment that everyone should take it.



Who reports my credits to IREC?

The provider that you take the course with has 5 business days to report to IREC, so any classes you take at BRR are reported directly to IREC. Other CE providers are not required to send education records to BRR, so BRR only has records of the classes you take at BRR. For your complete education record, you need to login to IREC’s website.

What records do I need to keep?

Keep copies of certificates of completion from all classes and all providers in case of an IREC audit.  Digital and hard copies are acceptable.  This is your responsibility, not the providers.

How can I be sure I earn credit for a class I take?

Each provider (including BRR) is required to follow the IREC attendance policy in order to grant credit. IREC requires 100% participation, that each class starts on time as scheduled, and that you are present the entire duration. You must sign in for each class. Use of devices is not allowed unless IREC approved for that class.

Please don’t show up late or leave early, if you miss any portion of class for any reason, you will not receive credit.