Membership Renewal FAQs


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding membership renewal billing. If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, please contact BRR’s Director of Membership & Education, Angela Gibson. Looking for information on Affiliate Membership and membership renewal? Click here.

Why can’t I just pay the local membership renewal? Why do I also have to pay for state and national memberships?

  • The REALTOR® membership is designed as a joint three-part membership between the national, state, and local boards. Each level of the association provides you with different membership benefits. Get the most out of your dues investment by taking advantage of your REALTOR® benefits.
  • Confused about how BRR and other real estate-related organizations impact your business? Visit our page, “IR, IREC, IMLS, BRR, NAR…Who Does What?” to learn more.

What does my membership investment pay for?

  • Your dues pay for a wide range of services, including but not limited to; access to forms, educational opportunities (including two free Idaho Commission CORE courses per licensing cycle), networking and leadership development opportunities, shareable social media content from NAR, IR, and BRR, local Market Reports with shareable reports and graphics, as well as the various costs of running the association and maintaining the building.
  • If you’re looking for a comprehensive list, check out BRR’s member benefits brochure, or the REALTOR Benefits® Program for member discounts and special offers.

How is my local membership renewal calculated?

  • The BRR Budget and Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors who has the final decision on the cost of membership. In 2017, the Board of Directors adopted a policy to use a Consumer Price Index (CPI) Based Dues Formula to provide a method for evaluating our annual membership amount, in relation to the changing prices of goods and services.

Does my membership renewal pay for the REALTOR® Awards Gala?

  • No, the REALTOR® Awards Gala is funded by sponsorships and ticket sales.

Why do you always bill us at the end of the year (near the holidays)?

  • We realize that many expenses come up at the end of the year, but based on our budget and tax preparation, this is when we need to bill. However, we do our best to issue bills in early fall so that there is approximately a four-month timeframe in which they can be paid, prior to the deadline. Since association dues are an annual expense, we encourage members to plan their budgets accordingly.

Can I set up a payment plan?

  • No, the Board of Directors has agreed not to offer a payment plan and and payment must be made in full by the December 31, 2019 due date. Some members find that setting money aside each month can help break up the amount.

Can I pay using more than one form of payment?

  • Our system will only allow two different forms of payment. That may be two different credit cards; half by check and half cash; half credit card and half cash, etc.

How am I billed?

  • Members are invoiced via email. It’s important that you keep your email address up-to-date with BRR so that you can receive your invoice, as well as other important communications. If you are not seeing your invoice but are expecting one, please call us at 208-376-0363.

Why is an RPAC investment included in my bill?

  • It is a requirement from the National Association of REALTORS® that all local boards request a Voluntary RPAC Contribution to each REALTOR® member in their yearly membership renewal billing. It is voluntary, so you can remove it before processing your payment if you choose not to contribute.
  • To edit the amounts for RPAC and the REALTORS® Community Foundation, simply click “EDIT” on the Order Summary page before clicking “Pay Now.”

Why is a REALTORS® Community Foundation donation included in my bill?

  • The REALTORS® Community Foundation Board of Directors and BRR Board of Directors approved this addition for two reasons, 1) To bring more awareness of the REALTORS® Community Foundation to members and the many ways REALTORS® and industry professionals give back to the community, and 2) to increase the Foundation’s funding in order to serve our community in ways we haven’t been able to in the past.
  • This donation is voluntary, so you can remove it before processing your payment if you choose not to contribute.
  • To edit the amounts for RPAC and the REALTORS® Community Foundation, simply click “EDIT” on the Order Summary page before clicking “Pay Now.”

What happens if I don’t pay before the deadline?

  • If you don’t pay before the deadline, a late fee is applied to your account and your broker is notified, but your membership remains active. If your dues haven’t been paid before IR and NAR’s final due date (which will vary by year) your membership will be inactivated and you will lose member benefits like access to forms and to reduced IMLS fees. At this point, the balance due becomes the broker’s responsibility. The broker has two options, 1) Pay the members’ dues for them or 2) Inactivate the member’s license with their office until member can pay the balance due. If payment is not made, the broker’s membership can be suspended and the entire office will lose access to membership benefits.