Code of Ethics

2016-COE-PosterNot all real estate licensees are REALTORS®.

Only those licensees who belong to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), through their local and state associations, and who agree to abide by its strict Code of Ethics, are REALTORS®.

To ensure that all REALTORS® are informed about the Code, its various Standards of Practice, and any changes to it, NAR requires all members to take 2.5 hours of training every few years.

The current training cycle is January 1, 2019—December 31, 2020.

If you have not completed a Code of Ethics training during this time, BRR offers an “Ethics and Professionalism” class that fulfills this requirement (check our education calendar for upcoming dates) or you can take the training online through NAR.

Your broker or other real estate schools may also offer ethics training, but please confirm that it has been approved by NAR to meet this requirement. IMPORTANT: If you have taken one of the NAR approved courses listed below through your broker or another provider, please send a copy of your completion certificate to

  • Build Your Ethical Muscle (E1137)
  • Code of Ethics [aka: Real Estate Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct] (EO425)
  • Code of Ethics: Good for Your Clients and Your Business (E1121)
  • Cracking the Code of Ethics [online] (E0835)
  • Cracking the Code – Understanding the Code of Ethics (E0034)
  • Ethics and Professionalism (E1082)
  • Ethics in Real Estate (E0755)
  • Ethics: Taking the High Road (E1154)
  • Everyday Ethics in Real Estate V1.0 (E1118)
  • GRI 102- Professional  Standards – Ethics; Risk Reduction (RI102)
  • Know the Code: Real Estate Ethics (E1115)
  • Know the Code: Your Guide to the Code of Ethics (E1179)
  • Know the REALTOR Code of Ethics (E1016)
  • Our Promise of Professionalism – Fourth Cycle of Code of Ethics (E0924)
  • REALTOR Code of Ethics Training (E1182)
  • The Real World Code of Ethics: Practice and Dilemmas (E1155)
  • The REALTOR Code of Ethics: Real World Application (E1160)