BRR Volunteer Leadership Application

Thank you for your interest in serving on a BRR, IMLS, or Foundation committee! The call for 2019 committees is now closed, but please feel free to submit your application for openings that may come up throughout the year. Please review the form before you begin and prepare all information needed before starting. Unfortunately, the form DOES NOT allow you to save and return later to complete. If you have any questions about applying or volunteering, please contact BRR's Chief Executive Officer, Breanna Vanstrom, at Not quite sure which group is right for you? Learn more at
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  • Committee Selections and Qualifications

    You may select up to three (3) groups, in order of preference, the position(s) you're seeking (committee member or vice chair), then briefly share why you're interested and any experiences or skills you'll bring to the group(s) selected. To learn more about each group, visit