UPDATE: Boise’s Proposed Short-Term Rental Regulations

STR Update (003)Boise Regional REALTORS® recently conducted a local “Call-for-Action” in opposition to the City of Boise’s proposed restrictions of short-term rentals such as Airbnbs and Vrbos. We want to thank all of you participated during the City’s comment period, and for helping spread the word that this was a bad policy idea.

I’m pleased to report that through BRR’s advocacy efforts, and all of your support, we were able to help hit the brakes and bring this regulation proposal back to the drawing board. It was reported that over 1,200 people responded to the City’s proposal during the public comment period, with 67% of Boise residents opposed to the ordinance change. This is an overwhelming response against these restrictions and certainly give local officials reason to pause before moving ahead with such an unpopular and unnecessary restriction.

So what’s next? Mayor Dave Bieter has announced he would like to form an advisory group to look into short-term rentals and identify a better way to address the community concerns. The Mayor also stated in a recent interview with Morning Edition host George Prentice, following the gathering of comments from the public on this proposed regulation the City will “gather those comments and then get a group together, including realtors”. We are thrilled to hear that REALTORS® are being invited to these discussion, and look forward collaborating and helping the City identify common sense solutions.

This is a big win for Boise Regional REALTORS® and the Boise residents who chimed in during the proposal comment period. I’m sure there will still be many more discussions and ideas to weigh in the coming months, and we plan to be a part of those. More details and updates to come later.

Thank you for your support and participation in our local advocacy efforts. If you have any questions or ideas, including participation on a potential advisory committee for short-term rentals, please contact me at soren@boirealtors.com.

Soren was interviewed by Boise State Public Radio regarding this issue and was featured in the following two stories:

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