Become a Member

There are three types of membership at BRR…

REALTOR® membership is available to those with an active real estate license, an active residential appraisers license, and to certified general appraisers. Joining at BRR not only provides membership to the local REALTOR® association but also to Idaho REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.

NOTE: Before you apply for REALTOR® membership, confirm that your license is active with IREC and has been associated with a broker who is a member of BRR. And if you will be subscribing to the IntermountainMLS, your BRR REALTOR® membership must be activated first.

Affiliate membership
 is available to real estate related business professionals that are not agents; such as lenders, title representatives, home inspectors, movers, painters, etc. Affiliate members provide tremendous value to their clients and REALTORS®, as well as to BRR through sponsorships, committee work, and community service. Affiliate Membership is available to individuals or firms who, while not engaged in the real estate profession, provide related services such as title, mortgage, banks, home inspection, insurance, cleaning, moving, staging, interior design, and more.

Learn more about the member benefits for affiliate members here.

Unlicensed Admin/Staff membership
 is available for admins and staff working with REALTOR® members of BRR, either as an employee or through an independent contractor agreement. Through this voluntary membership option, unlicensed admins and staff will receive access to a variety of benefits:

This option is for BRR membership only and does not extend to membership or benefits with Idaho REALTORS® or the National Association of REALTORS®. Because of this, unlicensed admin members are not “REALTORS®” and are therefore unable to use the term or logo to identify themselves as “REALTORS®” in any marketing or communication.