2019 Housing Summits

2019 Ada County Housing Summit                            2019 Elmore County Housing Summit                        2019 Gem County Housing Summit

BRR hosted Housing Summits in Ada and Elmore County in July, and will host the Gem County Housing Summit in August. If you’re interested in attending the Gem County Housing Summit, click here to register. There is no cost for members.

Looking for the Mid-Year Residential Real Estate Updates? Here are the download links:


BRR’s new Guide to Civic Engagement was also announced at the 2019 Housing Summits. Learn more about how to get involved on our website and download the handout today!

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Ada County Housing Summit  | Elmore County Housing Summit | Gem County Housing Summit

REALTOR® Golf Tournament Raises Money for Local Non-Profits

Local real estate professionals raised over $31,000 at the 23rd Annual Give-Back Golf Tournament benefiting the REALTORS® Community Foundation, whose mission is to improve the quality of life in the Boise region through housing-related projects and grants. The golf tournament was held June 5, 2019, at Falcon Crest Golf Course with 196 golfers and 51 sponsors participating. As one of the largest annual fundraisers for the REALTORS® Community Foundation, this year’s event was a tremendous success, raising over $7,000 more than in 2018.

Danielle Cullip, 2019 REALTORS® Community Foundation President

Danielle Cullip, 2019 REALTORS® Community Foundation President

“Participation from REALTORS® and other industry leaders was phenomenal this year,” noted Danielle Cullip, 2019 REALTORS® Community Foundation President. “It just shows how committed this industry is to giving back to the community. All of the funds raised by this event will help real people facing housing challenges in our area.”

Since its inception in 1995, the REALTORS® Community Foundation has provided over $1.7 million in grants to qualifying non-profit organizations throughout Ada County, expanding services to Gem County in 2018 and to Elmore County in 2019. Past grant recipients include Boise Fire Fighters Local 149, Boise Rescue Mission, Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity, Charitable Assistance To Community’s Homeless (CATCH), Chrysalis Women’s Transitional Living, Inc., Giraffe Laugh Early Learning Centers, Good Samaritan Home, JANNUS Inc., Jesse Tree, LEAP Charities, Life’s Kitchen, NeighborWorks®, The Salvation Army, Women’s & Children’s Alliance, and the West Ada School District Foundation. The REALTORS® Community Foundation also offers a matching gifts program for member contributions to local non-profits.

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Boise Regional REALTORS® (BRR) is a 501(c)(6) trade association, representing real estate professionals throughout the Boise region. Established in 1920, BRR is the largest local REALTOR® association in the state of Idaho, helping members achieve real estate success through ethics, professionalism, and connections. BRR has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Intermountain MLS (IMLS) and the REALTORS® Community Foundation.

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Service Project: Sleep in Heavenly Peace Bunk Bed Build

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, the REALTOR® Outreach Committee partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) to help build bunk beds for kids! Service projects like this are just one of many ways that REALTORS® give back to the communities in which they live and work. Special thanks to Jamie Matzdorff for coordinating this service project. You can learn more about Sleep in Heavenly Peace at shpbeds.org/get-involved.

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The Four Most Common Ways I Break Your Deals

Four Ways I Break Your Deals

Guest blog post featuring Tim Tyree, BRR’s legal counsel and principal of Tyree Legal, PLLC.

Recently, I attended a First Friday Broker Forum. The discussion topic was this: When I receive a phone call and the prospective client asks, “I want to get out of my contract,” or asks, “can the buyer break our contract?”, here are the most common ways I can break the deal.

By far the most common deal killer is the lack of a sufficient legal description. This is a double-edged sword because not only does the lack of a sufficient legal description render the contract invalid, it also exposes the agent to liability. Pursuant to the Idaho Real Estate License Law, all offers to purchase must have a legal description. The failure to provide a legal description exposes the agent to liability.

The most common mistake I see is using a legal description taken from the county assessor’s webpage. That description is not always complete, especially when the property contains multiple parcels. If it’s not complete, the contract is in jeopardy.

The fix is easy — obtain a copy of the seller’s vesting deed. Obtaining the deed confirms two points, the legal description of the property and the identity of the seller (more on the seller later). If the deed is just for a lot and block, the Idaho REALTOR® forms make it easy, but if it’s anything more, attach the whole deed and remember to initial all pages. Yes, you can attach just the legal description from the deed, but sometimes the legal description is spread out and there’s no harm in attaching the whole deed.

By confirming the identity of the seller in the deed, you avoid another common mistake — binding the actual owner of the property. This one does not always result in a broken contract because the party making the contract has liability exposure, but if not all parties are listed, their hold out may bust the deal.

The most common mistakes arise when there are multiple owners. We all know we need both spouses to sign, but sometimes there are kids, siblings or co-owners that don’t actively participate in the property. If they’re left out, the contract is at risk.

The third common out is the financing contingency. Line 32 of the July ‘18 RE-21 reads “This Agreement is contingent upon BUYER obtaining the following financing[.]” The usual fact pattern is just before closing the buyer backs out, citing this contingency. Sometimes it’s for legitimate purposes, sometimes it appears the buyer is playing games, but the seller is always upset.

The seller also always points to the lender approval letter, seemingly believing this ended the contingency. We know it does not. If you want to end this contingency, end it. Add a provision that the contingency will end at a certain time.

Section 4 of the RE-21 is my fourth most-common problem source. Often, I see agents adding the phrase “this offer is contingent on an inspection.” I believe agents see the phrase in other deals and so believe it must mean something, and it does. It means you’ve created a new contingency.

Section 10 of the RE-21 already has an inspection contingency, so if you mark the right box, the offer is contingent on an inspection and Section 10 walks the parties through a very detailed step-by-step process. Your new contingency has no end date, so a buyer looking for an out may claim this contingency is not satisfied and terminate the contract. Because of the contingency waivers in the RE-10, this argument may fail, but the concern remains and applies to any contingency added to the contract. Avoid duplicating concepts already addressed in the forms and, when drafting contingencies, consider adding end dates.

My final tip is to encourage your broker to attend the First Friday Broker Forum. Getting to know your fellow practitioners leads to better relationships and better deals, and we all want that.


This article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. Every situation is different, and you should consult with your own legal counsel before acting on the matters discussed in this article.

Tim Tyree serves as legal counsel to BRR and is the principal of Tyree Legal, PLLC.

REALTOR® Awards Gala Event and Ticket Info


Gala Save the Date Image 10.9.18

Tickets went on sale Friday, February 1, at 10:00 a.m. As of Saturday, February 2, the event sold out. We are unable to add any additional seating or tickets due to the constraints of the space.

If you have tickets you’d like to sell or transfer, either do so independently or let Cassie know by emailing cassie@boirealtors.com. If you are looking for tickets, contact Cassie at cassie@boirealtors.com with your name, phone number, email address and number of tickets you are looking for in order to be added to the wait-list. We’ll do our best to put those who are looking to transfer tickets in touch with those who are looking for tickets.

Looking to sponsor this amazing, sold-out event? We still have some great ways to get your company in front of our 1,200+ attendees! Secure our Ride Share Sponsorship, Dessert Sponsorship, Live Artist Sponsorship, and/or Bar Sponsorship at boirealtors.com/2019-individual-event-sponsorship. Contact BRR Events Specialist Marind Amano at marind@boirealtors.com with any questions.

Boise Regional REALTORS® honors our outstanding members with the annual REALTOR® Awards Gala. The Circle of Excellence Production Awards recognize listing and selling achievements – and provides BRR members with an opportunity to celebrate the success of the Boise region real estate market. We’ll also be celebrating our Individual Award winners.

The evening kicks off with a cocktail hour from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Dinner will be served at 7:00 p.m. with the program beginning at 8:00 p.m. The After-Party starts around 9:00 pm and lasts until 11:30 p.m.

Please join us for a night to remember!

Important Ticket Info:

  • Tickets are non-refundable but they are transferable.
  • Tables seat 10. We are unable to add extra seats to any of the tables.
  • Tickets are required for admittance. Please bring either a digital or printed copy of your ticket to the event.

Find more information about the event including FAQs and hotel discounts on our event page.


Boise Regional REALTORS® Welcomes New Staff

Marind Amano

BRR Events Specialist Marind Amano

Marind Amano has joined as the BRR’s Events Specialist, overseeing the planning and execution of all membership events and the community engagement efforts of the REALTORS® Community Foundation, BRR’s wholly-owned charitable organization.

For the past 10 years, Marind has been an Event Producer for a Seattle-based company where she worked on conferences, awards shows, and red carpet events, in addition to projects with Netflix, Ed Sheeran, and E! People’s Choice Awards. Marind earned her degree in Business Administration from Northwest Nazarene University.

BRR Communications Specialist Annie Exline

BRR Communications Specialist Annie Exline

Annie Exline has joined as the Communications Specialist, where she will be implementing the association’s communications plan through BRR’s website, social media, public relations, and more.

Annie’s previous work includes projects for the Nampa School District, Habitat for Humanity, and the “Vote Yes” Meridian Library Committee. She most recently worked as a copywriter for a Boise-based startup providing provided content and digital marketing. She graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Public Relations and will complete a Masters in Technical Communications from Boise State University in 2019.

In addition to the new hires, BRR is excited to announce internal promotions of two employees.

BRR Government Affairs Manager Cameron Kinzer

BRR Government Affairs Manager Cameron Kinzer

Cameron Kinzer was promoted to Government Affairs Manager. In this new position, Cameron will be taking on a larger role in supporting BRR’s legislative, policy, and advocacy efforts. Since he started with BRR in 2017, his skills in researching and identifying issues that relate to real estate, private property rights, housing, planning and zoning, transportation, and more have proved invaluable to the organization.

BRR Finance Manager

BRR Finance Manager

Kym Reeves was promoted to Finance Manager and is now responsible for overseeing the financial reporting and policies for the association. Her background in finance and accounting as well as her attention to detail and organizational skills make her a perfect fit for this new role. Kym has been with BRR since 2015.

“These staff changes were done to better meet the goals in the association’s strategic plan, capitalize on the strengths of our outstanding staff, and most importantly, expand BRR’s capabilities to take on new opportunities,” said Breanna Vanstrom, Chief Executive Officer for BRR.

BRR has also added Pam Dilbeck as a Member Support Specialist. So next time you’re in the office, be sure to say “hi” to all of the new staff members!

BRR Member Support Specialist Pam Dilbeck

BRR Member Support Specialist Pam Dilbeck

Award Applications and Nomination Forms

The deadline to submit 2018 Production Award applications, 2018 Honor Society applications, and 2019 Individual Award nomination forms has passed. Thank you to everyone who has submitted, we look forward to recognizing our top producers and award winners at the REALTOR® Awards Gala on March 8.

All nominations, applications, and any required documentation noted must be submitted to awards@boirealtors.com by Friday, January 25, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. MT. Late or incomplete applications received after this date will not be processed.

Have questions?  Visit our FAQ page and find production applications at boirealtors.com/production-awards!

Production Award COE
Honor Society COE

Individual Award COE

Four Steps You Need to Take to Protect Your Clients From Wire Fraud

fraud_sliderAs KTVB recently reported, a local family was scammed out of $80,000 down payment in a wire fraud scheme in which their agent’s email was hacked, and fraudulent wire instructions were sent to the buyer. Now that the money has been wired, it’s unlikely that it will be recovered.

Wire fraud and cybercrime is a very serious issue and one that isn’t going away any time soon. Don’t let your clients become victims, take these four steps TODAY to protect your clients and yourself.

1) Inform your clients that you will NEVER share wire instructions over email, but only verbally over the phone or in person. Educate them about the risks, and insist they call you (using the phone number you provided, not one from a suspicious email) if they receive instructions via email, or if anything feels “off.”

2) Use an email service that provides two-factor authentication and make sure it’s enabled.

3) Change your email password and make sure it’s a strong password. Set up a calendar reminder to change your email password regularly, and then follow through.

4) Add a standard warning about wire scams to your email signature or include a disclaimer at the bottom of your emails explaining that you will not discuss personal financial information over email. (Sample from NAR.) Here’s another example: ALERT! [Brokerage Name] will never send you wiring information via email or request that you send us personal financial information by email. If you receive an email message like this concerning any transaction involving [Brokerage Name], do not respond to the email and immediately contact your agent via phone.

Additional tips and resources:

Phil Mount Installed as 2019 President of Boise Regional REALTORS®

2019 Boise Regional REALTORS® President, Phil Mount

2019 Boise Regional REALTORS® President, Phil Mount

Phil Mount, REALTOR® with Front Street Brokers, was named 2019 President of the Boise Regional REALTORS® (BRR) during the association’s annual installation ceremony, held December 14th at the Boise Art Museum.

Phil had this to say about his new role: “It is a true honor to be able to lead BRR and a membership engaged in one of the most essential professions– facilitating our neighbors’ most important transaction.  By providing a platform of advocacy, education & ethics, and a way to connect with industry colleagues, BRR enables our members to serve this community with professionalism and integrity.”

“Phil has an amazing passion for the real estate industry and outstanding insights into the community – both of which have been and will continue to be tremendously valuable to the initiatives we take on,” said Breanna Vanstrom, BRR’s Chief Executive Officer.
Mount will lead BRR’s volunteer board of directors in 2019, which includes:

President-Elect Michelle Bailey, Keller Williams Realty Boise
Vice President Jeff Wills, Amherst Madison Real Estate
Immediate Past President Gary Salisbury, Equity Northwest Real Estate
Treasurer Bob Van Allen, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group
Director Elizabeth Hume, Silvercreek Realty Group
Director Becky Enrico-Crum, Andy Enrico & Company
Director Michele de Reus, Accel Realty Partners
Director Bob Hurtt, ERA West Wind Real Estate
Director Debbi Myers, Front Street Brokers
Director Carolyn Sinnard, Happy Dog Realty
Director Ed Sperry, Equity Northwest Real Estate

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Boise Regional REALTORS® (BRR) is a 501(c)6 trade association, representing real estate professionals throughout the Boise region. Established in 1920, BRR is the largest local REALTOR® association in the state of Idaho, helping members achieve real estate success through ethics, professionalism, and connections. BRR has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Intermountain MLS (IMLS) and the REALTORS® Community Foundation.


REALTORS® Community Foundation Awarded $1,500 Grant from First Story

The REALTORS® Community Foundation, the 501(c)(3) charitable arm of Boise Regional REALTORS® (BRR), recently received a $1,500 grant from First Story, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Hayden Homes.

The funds will be used to further the REALTORS® Community Foundation’s mission to improve the quality of life in the Boise region through housing-related projects and grants.

“We are so honored to be selected by First Story for this grant,” said Kim Daley, 2018 REALTORS® Community Foundation President, and Business Development Officer for Stewart Title. “These funds will make a significant difference towards reaching our goals of addressing housing-related and community needs.”

The REALTORS® Community Foundation offers opportunities for local real estate professionals give back to our community with their time, talents, and donations.

First Story Grant Photo 2018

Kim Daley, REALTORS® Community Foundation President (center left), and Breanna Vanstrom, Boise Regional REALTORS® Chief Executive Officer (center), accept the $1,500 check from Hayden Homes and First Story representatives.

# # #

Boise Regional REALTORS® (BRR) is a 501(c)6 trade association, representing real estate professionals throughout the Boise region. Established in 1920, BRR is the largest local REALTOR® association in the state of Idaho, helping members achieve real estate success through ethics, professionalism, and connections. BRR has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Intermountain MLS (IMLS) and the REALTORS® Community Foundation.

Established in Redmond, Oregon in 1989, Hayden Homes has provided 15,000 new homes to price conscious, value-driven homebuyers in underserved, secondary markets throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Hayden Homes continues to be the largest privately-owned new home builder in the Pacific Northwest.

With a commitment to building a strong community together, Hayden Homes has contributed 2.5 billion dollars to local economies and creates more than 5,500 jobs annually. Hayden Homes supports philanthropic efforts in the communities in which they build and have contributed more than 13.3 million dollars in charitable donations with the flagship of their giving through the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, First Story. To date, First Story has provided 72 deserving and capable families throughout the Pacific Northwest with a safe, healthy affordable home and a first step toward financial freedom.