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24 Hour Appraisals Dillon Roberts 208-860-7425
24 Hour Appraisals Jon Nishikawa 208-484-2543
2620 Appraising Justin Smith 208-375-7721
Ace Real Estate Appraisals Ryan Turner 208-608-0902
Ada Cnty Assr. Appraiser Tim Tallman 208-287-7221
Adam’s Residential Appraisal Adam Fullmer 208-340-9510
Adam’s Residential Appraisal Nathan Tuft 208-283-9722
Advanced Valuations & Consulting Greg Ruddell 208-250-2779
Affirmative Appraisal Kevin Jaillett 208-584-3200
Allen Appraisal Idaho Cindy Longnecker-Allen 208-724-8861
Allen Appraisal Services Jeffery Allen 208-724-0700
Almaden Appraisals Gregory Walker 208-901-1019
Ames Appraisal Inc Garry Ames 208-870-8568
Ames Appraisal Inc Jason Gerhard 208-412-8765
Analytix Appraisal Group Thomas Stafford 208-850-5524
Appraisal Company of Idaho, LLC Ron George 208-631-1949
Appraisal Offices Shari Cutshall 208-602-5415
Appraisal Offices Robert Williams 208-375-0106
Appraisal Solutions Inc. Gordy Bower 208-283-3055
Appraise It Now, LLC Steven Ellis 208-870-8553
Apsley Appraising Mark Apsley 208-861-0195
Better Appraisal Service Alison Boelens 208-867-7749
Blue Streak Appraisal Trent Maughan 208-871-1554
Boise Appraisal John Rhodes 208-869-1869
Boise Valley Appraisal Service Chris Kostka 208-794-9691
Canyon Valley Appraisal Service Paul Roberts 208-860-2941
Canyon Appraisal Service A. Wade Massey 208-860-0871
Chateau Appraisals Bobbie Shatto 208-891-5665
Cochran and Assoc. Appraisal Jack Cochran 208-386-9801
D. Robbins & Associates Darian Robbins 208-794-8555
David Russell Dave Russell 559-972-5145
Davis Appraisal Services Cristine Davis 208-859-6884
Eagle Appraisal, LLC Joe Hess 208-573-9738
Eagle Appraisal, LLC Mike Hopkins 208-863-3946
Eagle Appraisal, LLC David Simantel 208-573-9738
Elwood & Associates Appraisal David Brown 208-861-8016
Elwood & Associates Appraisal Jim Elwood 208-375-2563
Flaherty Appraisal Services Raymond Flaherty 208-323-7981
Fleming Home Appraisals, Inc. William Fleming 208-322-6758
French Appraisal Service, LLC Denise French 208-861-4557
Gem State Appraisers Inc. Jim Donerkiel 208-362-7189
Gratton Appraisals Robin Gratton 208-859-8053
Great Northern Appraisal Kevin Ritari 208-871-6778
H. S. Calhoun LLC Scott Calhoun 208-841-1441
Hansen Appraisals Services Niels Hansen 208-412-5268
Hardy & Associates Appraisal Josh Hardy 208-736-3311
High Desert Appraisal Joe Hines 208-789-3763
Holt Appraisal Services, LLC John Holt 208-602-3918
Hopkins Appraisal Service Samuel Hopkins 208-861-5892
Hyde Valuations Inc Paul Hyde 208-674-2414
IDA NET Appraisal Services Michael Mick 208-860-2155
Idaho Appraisal Company Cameron Baldwin 208-850-9888
Idaho Appraisal Service Michael Gerhard 208-863-7680
Idaho Commercial Appraisal Tim Robb 208-955-0801
Idaho Land & Appraisal Service Mark Richey 208-866-3400
Idaho Land & Appraisal Service Scott Robinson 208-866-7577
Idaho Residential Appraisals Trent Stimpson 208-284-1800
Idaho Valuations, Inc. Julie Comstock-Niehans 208-853-2728
Integrity Appraisal and Consul Jody Graham- Bolopue 208-859-4405
Intermountain Appraisal Service Melinda Abrenilla 208-871-7060
J Group, LLC Paul Jensen 208-391-9070
J Group, LLC Kenneth Johnson 208-571-2315
J Hale Appraisals Janet Hale 208-866-8704
J R Appraisals Inc Ray Plott 208-887-2261
J.W. Bain & Assoc., Appraiser J.W. Bain 208-377-0297
JB Appraisals, LLC Brian Urspringer 208-908-3911
Jess Payne Appraisal Service Shirl Bobst 208-899-1522
Jess Payne Appraisal Service Jess Payne 208-454-2991
Joe Stenkamp Real Estate Appraisals Joe Stenkamp 208-861-5419
Johnston S. Hill Johnston Hill 208-859-8806
Keller Williams Realty Boise Mark Flory 208-867-0377
Kizer Northwest, LLC Douglas Kizer 208-859-5850
Kizer Northwest, LLC Darrell Loosle darrell@APPRAISALSOFIDAHO.COM
Kizer Northwest, LLC Joseph Rountree 208-724-7385
L.D. Knapp Appraising & Consulting Larry Knapp 208-841-7899
Land-Mark Appraisal, Inc Mark Paljetak 208-541-9451
Landstar Appraisals Inc. Carey Smith 208-371-6123
Eagle Appraisal, LLC Mike Hopkins 208-863-3946
Langston & Associates Sam Langston 208-865-3801
Little Rock Appraisals, Inc. Rochelle Cvitanich 208-861-7454
LLM Appraisal Services Lisa McKean 208-841-9447
Lorenzen Realty Advisors Paul Lorenzen 208-899-6650
Martin & Park Inc Ross Park 208-258-2200
Matrix Appraisal & Sketch Eric Wilson 208-631-3658
Mayer & Associates, Inc. Mac Mayer 208-735-2540
Molenaar & Associates Jerry Molenaar 208-863-1880
Nancolas Appraisal Services Mike Nancolas 208-899-2704
Northwest Farm Credit Services Rebecca Rutan 208-477-4143
O’Ban Appraisal Service Susan O’Ban 208-890-0422
Pacific Appraisal LLC Ed Hornung 208-713-9698
Perry Appraisals Jared Perry 208-866-1801
Perry Associates LLC Daniel Perry 208-870-2234
PropertyPro Appraisal Christopher Brown 208-322-0202
Quality Evaluations, Inc. Juan Vuittonet 208-870-9981
Radius Appraisal Greg Greenlee 208-863-8280
Rels Valuation Louis Howard 208-401-8940
Rels Valuation Scott Hymas 208-371-3050
Renee Munn, RE Appraiser Renee Munn 208-440-3714
Richard Bell Appraisal Service Richard Bell 208-602-4663
Sage Valuation James Gibson 208-954-3009
Saknit & Associates Robert Saknit 559-936-7057
Schultz Appraisal Bill Schultz 208-336-7600
Stan Young R.E. Appraisals Mark Young 208-841-2275
Sterling Appraisal Services Ambrea Hicks 208-695-6988
Sullivan Appraisal, Inc. Tim Sullivan 208-860-3256
Terry Sklar Appraisals Terry Sklar 208-284-2397
Thornfeldt Appraisal Services Eric Thornfeldt THORNFELDT@EARTHLINK.NET 208-890-5092
Treasure Valley Appraisal Services Randall Barnes 208-968-9028
Turley Appraisal Services Shelly Bates 208-412-9971
Turley Appraisal Services David Turley 208-890-8528
Turley Appraisal Services Grant Turley 208-850-2413
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Boise Hunter Homes Truely Loescher 208-250-2156
Hayden Homes Jaclyn Roberts 208-608-5232
Red Leaf Building Company Austan Pearce 208-761-2101
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4 Rivers Team Home Inspections Todd Clyatt 208-918-0805
5 Star Home Inspections Ken Wick 208-407-7704
AAD Inspection Corp Stan Audette 208-338-9144
AAD Inspection Corp Keith Burke 208-338-9144
AAD Inspection Corp Mike Fry 208-338-9144
AAD Inspection Corp Jack Hanson 208-338-9144
AAD Inspection Corp Justin Love 208-338-9144
AAD Inspection Corp Dustin Nicholas 208-338-9144
AAD Inspection Corp Scott Simpson 208-338-9144
A Boyd’s Eye View Property Inspection Kenneth Boyd 208-921-8749
Accurate Home Inspections Thomas Kranz 208-350-8095
Adams Home Inspectors Scott Adams 208-473-8686
American Certified Home Inspections Alan Anderson 208-344-7341
Anthem Inspections, Inc. David Reish 208-941-5760
Attentive Home Inspections Tony Gunnerson 208-794-2621
Bent Nail Inspections Davin Strand 208-474-4591
Boise Home Inspections William Ash 208-809-1047
Boise Home Inspections Brian Bayley 208-573-7570
Boise Home Inspections Jeremy Darland 208-573-7570
Boise Home Inspections Jason Harrington 208-573-7570
Boise Home Inspections Tice Marty 619-207-6845
Boise Home Inspections Gabriel Sorenson 208-401-4782
Boise Home Inspections Brent Stadther 208-573-7570
Building Specs Matt Dawes 208-323-4900
Compass Home Inspection Bob Fink 208-871-3908
Complete Check Inspections, LLC Michael Hasson 208-703-2227
Craig Farmer Inspections LLC Craig Farmer 208-390-3772
DLH Home Inspection Services Daniel Heitkamp 208-867-0162
Edgerton Property Inspection Travis Edgerton 208-631-4516
Fenco Home Inspections Jason Fenwick 208-860-9396
Forsythe Home Inspection Jonathon Forsythe 208-900-8141
Gordon Home Inspection, LLC Mark Gordon 208-484-8306
Guardian Home Inspection Jason Hopkins 208-353-1820
Guardian Home Inspection Travis Hopkins 208-672-9000
Hogue Home Inspection Jack Hogue 208-672-9000
Home Inspections by R&D Roy McGlothin 208-707-1373
Homeworks Inspection Services, LLC Matthew Merlino 208-866-1578
HouseCheck Dan Frost 208-571-4829
HouseCheck/Benchmark Inspections Josh Hull 208-863-2714
HouseCheck Joseph Raver 208-866-2205
HouseCheck Daniel Simnitt 208-963-5736
HouseMaster Home Inspections, Inc. Matthew Adolphsen 208-869-4443
HouseMaster Home Inspections, Inc. Don Bassett 208-484-9588
HouseMaster Home Inspections, Inc. Kathryn Lyon-Pierson 208-323-0333
HouseMaster Home Inspections, Inc. Robert Smith 208-880-3825
Idaho Association of Home Inspectors Michele Funk 208-914-3793
Idaho Building Inspectors Daniel Kauvaka 208-530-8019
Idahome Inspections Deric Jones 208-250-5093
Idahome Inspections Tyler Jones 208-250-5093
Inspection Services, LLC Gary Heller 208-914-4537
Intermountain Building Inspections Corp. Brian Blakeley 208-332-4442
Intermountain Building Inspections Corp. John Blakeley 208-332-4442
Intermountain Building Inspections Corp. Phillip Palmer 208-332-4442
Intermountain Building Inspections Corp. Rick Blakeley 208-332-4442
Lawford Home Inspections Jack Lawford 208-861-5057
Lawford Home Inspections Mike Hix 208-571-1875
Les Bois Home Inspections Matt Rodriguez 208-870-6820
Liberty Home Inspection Services Brian DeLuca 208-866-5039
Mountain West Inspections Jeremy Jackson 208-957-4129
Mountain West Inspections Craig Nowaski 208-401-0169
Pillar to Post Home Inspections Greg Henke 208-386-0697
Pillar to Post Home Inspections Sean Lowe 208-386-0697
Pillar to Post Home Inspections Nick Plante 208-914-8382
Pillar to Post Home Inspections Jeff Silvis 208-386-0697
Pillar to Post Home Inspections Jeb Stogdell 208-907-0176
Pillar to Post Home Inspections Mark Uecker 208-996-9376
Podium Home Inspections Jamie Kelly 208-794-5927
Point Home Inspections Jason Aston 208-412-4644
Premier Property Inspections Norm Wild 208-249-7735
Presidential Home Inspections Scott Bell 208-573-5300
Presidential Home Inspections Troy Farmer 208-573-5300
Professional Home Inspections  Robert Peck 208-841-5439
Randy Funk Home Inspections Randy Funk 208-914-5793
Red Door Home Inspections Kevin Morrison 208-600-3996
Royal Inspection/Summit Environmental Mike Larango 208-377-2900
Sound Solution Home Inspection Scott Dodge 208-697-4018
Summit Home Inspections Mark Abels 208-353-3483
Summit Home Inspections Arman Avelar 208-559-4102
Table Rock Home Inspections Jeff Newman 208-209-2727
Victorious Home Inspections LLC Tommy Ross 208-600-5843
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America’s Preferred Home Warranty Penny Tweedt 208-440-1412
Choice Home Warranty Kimberly Kelley 208-484-1559
Freedom Home Warranty Levi Williams 888-495-2249
Landmark Home Warranty Summer Sweaney 208-283-6137
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Academy Mortgage Adam Zachary 208-941-3965
Academy Mortgage Kelly Beebe 208-672-9777
Academy Mortgage Stephanie Johnson
American Financial Network, Inc Stephanie Kjerstand 208-672-9777
American Pacific Mortgage Paul Anderson 208-794-2830
American Pacific Mortgage Kurt Baugher 208-891-9785
Banner Bank Aaron Miller 208-424-2362
Banner Bank Ryan Froehlich 208-514-9664
Bay Equity Home Loans Fred Holsman 208-649-6033
Caliber Home Loans Dominique Love 208-999-3663
CapEd Credit Union Dan Sullivan 208-855-4695
Chase Bank Jullian Wright 208-890-9600
Citywide Home Loans Tyler Porter 208-389-4709
Citywide Home Loans J.J. Astorquia 208-389-4709
Citywide Home Loans – Nampa Ramona Tripon 208-821-3055
Connections Credit Union Gayle Rowley 208-577-5721
D.L. Evans Bank Rick Gillespie 208-472-4700
Diversified Mortgage Group Michelle Guth 208-853-7878
Eagle Home Mortgage Montse Burkhart 208.870.3573
Eagle Home Mortgage Jill Kiser 208-938-3245
Envoy Mortgage Erin Barrows 208-922-6622
Envoy Mortgage Casey Eells 208-871-1565
Evergreen Home Loans Boise Dawn Walp 208-794-7439
Evergreen Home Loans Boise Sam Newell 208-321-4300
Fairway Independent Mortgage Bryan Booth 208-429-8897
Fairway Independent Mortgage Teri Campbell 208-794-3522
Fairway Independent Mortgage Steven Cox 208-429-8897
Fairway Independent Mortgage Bill Haskins 208-957-7321
Fairway Independent Mortgage Meghanne Martineau 208-559-2373
Fairway Independent Mortgage Carrie Uberuaga 208-957-7321
First Federal Savings Bank Jenny Blake 208-985-2555
First Federal Savings Bank Blake Fischer 208-985-2555
First Federal Savings Bank Andrea Hibler 208-985-2555
First Federal Savings Bank Brenda Hughes 208-985-2555
First Federal Savings Bank Braden Kyle 208-985-2555
First Interstate Bank Mike Kirby 208-724-4230
Guaranteed Rate Walter Hartje 847-207-3343
Gateway Mortgage Group Jason Geisler 208-244-6535
Guild Mortgage Company Monica Davis 208-489-2822
Guild Mortgage Company Terry Heffner 208-321-0245
Guild Mortgage Company Jesus Tarifa 208-321-0245
HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. Julie Gould 208-377-7240
Homestreet Bank Jim Crotty 208-340-0598
ICON Credit Union Mike Munson 208-344-7948
Idaho Central Credit Union Amanda Myers 208-846-7102
Idaho Housing & Finance Assoc. Leslie Perkins 208-331-4743
Idaho Independent Bank Jane Hopkins 208-343-5565
Idaho Mortgage Lenders Association Alison Gillespie 208-440-4656 Terry Robinson 208-891-9786
Mountain America Credit Union Dustin Lopez 208-781-1050
Mountain America Credit Union Jared Polumbo 208-789-3420
Mountain America Credit Union Jon Roberts 208-505-7503
Mountain America Credit Union Scott Rubel 208-781-1050
Mountain West Bank Conor McGrath 208-921-2360
Movement Mortgage Trina Brown 208-573-6158
Movement Mortgage Jill Cattano 561-303-7751
One Trust Home Loans Shanna Tucker 208-388-0500
Premier Mortgage Resources Cory Swain 208-884-5678
Prime Lending – Boise Emily Green 208-519-3002
Prime Lending – Meridian Daniel Doster 208-367-9999
Stearns Home Loans Candy Robertson-Russet 208-720-3077
Summit Mortgage Corporation William Zimmerman 208-939-0002
Umpqua Bank Emmett Munson 208-982-3100
US Bank Home Mortgage Michael Preece 208-383-7825
Washington Federal Heather Chambers 208-338-7366
Waterstone Mortgage Corporation Barbara Perry 208-472-8870
Willamette Valley Bank Jeff Grounds 208-890-8289
Willamette Valley Bank Anna Sorrells 208-890-8289
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A+ Energy Management LLC David Cole 208-484-2907
Ada County Chiropractic Michael Thiry 208-375-0000
Advanced Lock & Key Kirk Ciccarello 208-891-8950
AMP Construction Matt Stark 208-921-6717
Aurora Power & Design Mike Leonard 208-368-0947
Bear Printing Bill Ensley 503-244-4738
Bear Printing Kerry Meeuwsen 503-244-4738
Bio-One Boise Travis Nichols 208-505-8731
Black Ops Security Systems Roger Peirsall 208-939-3100
Blind Appeal, Inc Mike Van Artsdalen 208-888-1056
Blu Fish Photography David Fish 208-860-0887
Boise Dryer Vent Cleaning Francis Burger 208-713-1581
Boise Moving & Storage Charles Daggett 208-342-5566
Bullseye Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Todd Mason 208-343-0833
Butler Heating, Inc. Shauna Llewellyn 208-362-5697
Candlewood Suites Hotel Wendy Hales 877-660-8543
Capital Cleaning LLC Dan Ertz 208-724-0586
Chuck Miller Education Services Chuck Miller 208-571-0755
Collins Brothers Painting Michael Collins 208-869-1199
Commission Express Jim Cooper 760-410-8066
Curb It, LLC Shawn Roberts 208-907-2577
Cutco Closing Gifts/Cutting Edge Gifts Reuben Cleveland 208-249-9511
D and J Cleaning Services Diane Wilson 208-859-5649
Davina Designs Candace Gibson 208-608-6776
DeGrange Hardwood Floors, LLC Ryan DeGrange 208-286-5916
Double A Plumbing Juan Garcia 208-412-8468
Drake Mechanical, Inc. Rebecca Drake 208-362-6200
Eagle Handyman Company Chuck James 208-861-5469
Elam & Burke Attorneys Jade Stacey 208-343-5454
Farmers Insurance Dawn Adams 208-955-6370
First Team Restoration Marcia Berkson 208-362-2082
Fulcrum Wealth Management Group Chris Crosby 208-571-6889
Garage Door Medics Kimberly Parker 866-544-4361 ext 253
GoMini’s of Boise Randy Compton 208-362-6003
Iconic Idaho Paula Miller 208-863-7912
Idaho Business Review Cindy Suffa 208-639-3512
Idaho Express Detail Jordan Lee 208-906-4893
Idaho Water Engineering David Tuthill 208-870-0345
Idaho Water Solutions Josh Wolfgram 208-350-8688
It’s All About You Catering Beth Alpaugh 208-893-5556
Junk Bros. Ryan Gregory 208-297-8720
Junk King Boise, LLC George Gebran 915-204-6345
KM3 Media Kyle Murphy kyle@km3media 916-316-5091
The L&R Group – Technical Services Division Laurie Kuther 208-813-6160
landpro DATA Kris Tatko 208-939-1956
Legal Shield Pam Hult 208-724-8477
Legal Shield Paul McLeod 208-880-4024
Lightning Electric Inc. Bryan McLaughlin 208-571-6040
Merchants Moving & Storage Ron Grove 208-376-8990
Michael S. Oswald Chartered Michael S. Oswald 208-914-3086
MTI Education Michelle Perales 562-421-3539
Nine Yards LLC Jon McCormick 208-570-3230
Northwest Disaster Services Gary Botts 208-861-6438
Optimality Consulting Ron Graves 208-991-4003
Painting Professionals of Idaho Kelly Wolf 208-841-9789
PayneWest Insurance Renae Goodwin 208-861-0365
Pomeroy House Interiors Sarah Waddell 208-761-1079
Post Reps Bryan Lovell 208-546-5546
Precision Painting Plus, LLC Richard LeFavour 208-921-2845
Prime Plumbing Chris Naillon 208-284-1677
R&R Hardwood Floors Charlene Nelson 208-870-4450
Racine Olson Law John Goodell 208-473-2889
Refinish First Amy Harder 208-473-2889
Showhomes Boise Mary Abajian 208-939-1134
Signature Roofing Joel Cano 208-631-9439
State Farm Steve Crowl 208-509-4655
Stone Masters of Idaho Mark Fetters 208-890-5755
Sublime Electric Stephanie Morgan 208-375-5638
Sunshine Homes LLC Yulia Mamaeva 509-378-5886
Superior Gutter Company James Maggard 208-576-6145
The Blind Gallery Jason Monks 208-884-8684
The Fix, LLC Samual Drake 208-869-8260
The Socialite, LLC Gwen Gibbs 208-283-5343
Tile Tech Joe Dorack 208-695-8091
Touchmark Senior Living Patricia Murphy 503-624-6397
Transform Pros Faith Pothier 208-495-4776
Treasure Valley Appliance Repair John Dewonch 208-608-3173
Treasure Valley Revival, LLC Ronald Alexander 208-891-0534
Treasure Valley Window Cleaning Cody Bennett 208-602-9305
Tres Chic Amy Oates 208-440-3178
Tuff Shed John Thompson 208-340-0068
Two Men and A Truck Terry Bruns 208-495-7111
Tyro Zach Richardson 303-526-8039
V4 Plumbing Services Todd Vitek 208-571-8596
Valor Home Security Tess Carlson 208-890-2679
Victory Self Storage Jolene Rausch 208-362-2294 Robert Shaw 208-891-3677
Welker Interiors LLC Bradley Welker 208-901-2781

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Park Place Property Management Eric Josephson 208-377-3227
Realty Management Assoc Claire Fenton 208-377-8889


Alliance Title & Escrow Corp Keehton Potter 208-947-4204
Alliance Title & Escrow Corp Brian Stone 208-947-4204
Alliance Title & Escrow Corp Yhindi Struthers 208-947-4204
Alliance Title & Escrow Corp Ben Thomas 208-947-4204
Alliance Title & Escrow Corp Kelsey Wartman 208-947-4204
Fidelity National Title
of Idaho
Charlie Muraski 208-377-3190
Fidelity National Title
of Idaho
Debbie Weymouth 208-377-3190
First American Title & Escrow Cassandra Wong 208-375-0700
First American Title & Escrow Joe Perna 208-375-0700
NexTitle NW Title Co. Kris Miller 208-433-1021
NexTitle NW Title Co. Julie Schott 208-433-1021
Pioneer Title Dayna Devore 208-794-2735
Pioneer Title Hanna Heffner 208-794-2735
Pioneer Title Gwen Main 208-794-2735
Stewart Title of Idaho, Inc. Kim Daley 208-373-0009
Stewart Title of Idaho, Inc. Jeni Sexton 208-373-0009
Title One Corp Shannan Berry 208-493-6350
Title One Corp Abby Black 208-493-6350
Title One Corp Jenni Brazier 208-493-6350
Title One Corp Katrina Emanuel 208-493-6350
Title One Corp Tyler Gustafson 208-493-6350
Title One Corp Melissa Johnson 208-493-6350
Title One Corp Mark Prince 208-493-6350
Title One Corp Scott Ryan 208-493-6350

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