59 Minute Meeting Recap: Future Economic Growth of the Boise Region

February 59 Minute Meeting Recap Slider

We had a full crowd on hand for our first 59 Minute Meeting of 2018! Thanks to all those who showed up and participated in our discussion focused on future economic growth in the Boise Region. Our panel of speakers included Cameron Arial, Director of Meridian Community Development; Clark Krause, Executive Director of Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP); and Bobbi-Jo Meuleman, Director Idaho Department of Commerce.

Each speaker touched on the economic growth forecast from their own unique perspective and highlighted the challenges that come along with it. They also discussed the recent announcement by the US Census Bureau that declared Idaho as the fastest-growing state in the union and how that plays into the overall economic picture.

Not only is the economy in the Boise Region booming, wage increases are following suit. All industries have shown a 13% jump in wage growth during the period of 2010 – 2016 with average salaries jumping from $38k to $43k a year.

The Q & A portion of the meeting focused on growth and the underlying factors behind it. Our speakers made it clear that if residents want a voice in how the Boise Region continues to grow, they need to become more engaged in city council and planning meetings. All meeting information is publicly available on city websites throughout Ada and Gem County.

REALTOR® advocacy will continue to play a vital role in planning as the Boise Region continues to grow with economic opportunity. Click here to learn how RPAC works to elect REALTOR® champions who embrace smart growth principals, private property rights, and thoughtful community development strategies.

Thank you again for joining us, and be on the lookout for information regarding our next 59 Minute Meeting in the near future!