2019 Annual Sponsorship




  • Terms and Conditions By submitting this form, I am entering into an agreement with Boise Regional REALTORS® (BRR). On behalf of my company, the sponsoring company or organization (The Sponsor), I am securing a 2019 annual sponsorship with BRR. All 2019 annual sponsorship packages will be invoiced for payment after January 1, 2019 to the billing address listed in this agreement. To receive the BRR member rate, 2019 Boise Regional REALTORS® membership dues must be paid prior to, or in conjunction with, the sponsorship invoice, which you will receive between December 26, 2018 and December 28, 2018. Payment must be received in full between Tuesday, January 1, 2019 and Friday, January 18, 2019. If payment in full is not received by that date, sponsorship package will be released for sale. In consideration of the sponsorship payment detailed above, The Sponsor shall receive appropriate acknowledgement as a 2019 Annual Sponsor of Boise Regional REALTORS® at the level indicated. The 2019 Annual Sponsorship recognition and opportunities include, but may not be limited to, those items outlined in the 2019 Annual Sponsorship packages: http://boirealtors.com/sponsorship-opportunities/. The final decision regarding placement and/or juxtaposition of sponsor(s) logos shall rest with Boise Regional REALTORS® based on marketing materials and signage included in your package. I understand all annual sponsorship packages are available on a first-come, first-served basis, per the time stamp on the online submission form. If the package that I am interested in is not available at the time this form is submitted, I will be offered a package at the next available level. All sponsors will receive email confirmation of their 2019 annual sponsorship from Shari Fernandez, Director of Events and Community Engagement at Boise Regional REALTORS®.